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Is there really a market for Men's Fashion Magazine here in the Philippines? Let's say there is, are they really tapping this market and hitting them right? Does quality and quantity of contents affects readership?

With the sudden death of METRO hiM. It made me think and ask. Are we really that into Fashion? I think YES. Most Filipino men are. And they certainly care about themselves including their looks and clothes.

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But is there really a strong following for this type of magazines?

I believe paper and glossies can no longer catch up with what technology and the internet can deliver. Most people refer and surf the internet for all their questions. Even in fashion, you can basically know the latest in men's fashion in New York or Milan in just a click of a button. We can Google almost everything or anything online.

We turn to the internet almost everyday. We refer to blogs for the latest opinions, gossips and news including Fashion, be it women's or men's. Even Condé Nast is shaking. So as the USPS is losing millions or even billions because of the cost of mail and the popularity of email.

Japan is highly advance when it comes to technology. In contrast, Japan has more than 30 magazines catering to men's fashion of all sorts.

They say bloggers are now the new everyday journalists. Does people prefer blogs now over magazines? So what really affects a men's fashion magazine's readership and presence? Are they here to stay? Or is it really the economic situation that we have right now? Publishers are losing advertisers? And companies are cutting and tightening their budgets for ads.

What Fashion magazine do you read and or subscribe? What's your take on this?

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