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olympus dslr digital camera 620 four thirds toy camera film grain art men gadgets
The world's smallest and lightest camera body. The latest DSLR from Olympus, the E-620. I got excited with the ART FILTER Features.

Main Specs:
- 12.3 megapixel High-Speed Live MOS Sensor and TruePic III+
- built-in Image Stabilization (IS)
- dual-axis variable 2.7-inch LCD
- newly developed 7-point AF system
- high-speed 4-fps

But I am excited with the new cool feature, easy-to-apply Art Filters for enhanced creativity
Pop Art
Emphasizes colours and creates bright, vibrant images with a pop-art tone
Soft Focus
Gives images a light, ethereal look and evokes a dreamy, mystical mood
Pale & Light Colour
Utilizes muted colour tonalities to create a mood of reflection and nostalgia
Light Tone
Subdues highlights and shadows to reflect the ambience of a perfectly illuminated scene
Grainy Film
Recreates the rich, grainy look and tonality of black & white photography, imparting a dramatic feel to images
Pin Hole
Reproduces the peripheral vignetting and unique colour tone of photos taken with a toy camera

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