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Cufflinks remains the most overlooked fashion accessory. A man’s jewelry usually consists of a wedding ring or signet ring, a good time piece, a quality pen and a pair of cufflinks. Stylish men coordinates a pair of cufflinks with their watch, neck tie, shirt and or suit.

Here's the different types of cufflinks that you can use.

Silk knot cufflinks - easier to put-on, inexpensive.

silk knot cufflinks men fashion style

Silver knot - easy to put-on. A little more expensive than the silk or fabric ones.

silver know cufflinks men fashion style

Chain - fancier, Hard to put-on. You probably need your wife or another person to help you fasten and secure the cuffs.

chain cufflinks silver onyx men fashion style

Rotating - same with the Chain type. Most popular type of cufflinks.

yael sonia collection cufflinks men fashion style
Yael Sonia’s designs feature bold geometric shapes, clean lines, and moveable parts. These cufflinks are from her Perpetual Motion collection which is inspired by the movement in children’s toys. The amethyst spheres are contained by a frame of 18KW gold and joggle as you wear the cufflinks. Yael Sonia has a chic boutique on NYC’s Madison Avenue. www.yaelsonia.com

collection cufflinks men fashion style catherine angiel
Catherine Angiel is well known for her rock-n-roll chic style and use of edgy black diamonds. These cufflinks are from her tattoo inspired “DANGEROUS” collection. She has a loyal celebrity following including Pete Wentz, Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Cox-Arquette and Ethan Hawke just to name a few. Catherine Angiel has a boutique in NYC’s Greenwich Village. www.catherineangiel.com

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