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First impressions are everything. You are defined by how you dress to what you say to even who you know. The Philippines is an exceptionally perfect example of this phenomenon. There’s the showbiz crowd, and there’s the society crowd. There’s the Facebook crowd, and there’s the Friendster crowd. There are beer drinkers…and there are wine drinkers.

It’s quite a predicament but thanks to the people of Future Trade International (FTI), wine distributor of leading labels such as Hardy’s and Two Oceans, the rules are changing.

“It seems that a majority of the Filipinos don’t really get to experience wine for its full value. Beer is a national staple, we all admit, but wine is a perfect compliment to enhancing the dinner experience” says James du Vivier, Managing Director of FTI.

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Images of dinners where wine is present instantly give a first impression of a bill they’d soon regret. Most even define those who drink wine as being acquired, whether by taste or by wallet, but that stereotype is slowly changing.

“Wine is meant to be appreciated by everyone and we want to educate people that good wines don’t necessarily mean expensive wines.” says FTI Senior Marketing Manager, Eric Kahn.

The pleasure of wine is fully appreciated during a dinner, where the taste of food is enhanced by the wine’s own flavor and aroma. Finding the right pair isn’t difficult and is a rewarding experience once you do. Wine stimulates the senses on a whole different level because of its wide range of tastes, colors and aromas, Add to that the varying shades of flavor that occur within one wine from year to year and one can imagine how exciting it is to taste as many different wines and experience as many perfect combinations of wine and food as possible.

“We want to share this pleasure with all of our customers, that’s why we’re doing our part to make good wines available to more people.” Last May 7, FTI stayed true to its promise by holding a series of wine buffets at Padrino’s in Makati Ave. The wine buffet includes choice of 6 wines and various cheeses for only 450 PhP net.

It was truly a wonderful experience. I learned a lot about wine, food pairing, etc. courtesy of the very knowledgeable Mr. Eric Khan. I love the Hardy's Chardonnay and Two Oceans Shiraz and after a couple (No, make it Five) glasses of different wine, good conversations over cheese and olives I head home a little tipsy and delighted.

Available in All leading Supermarkets, Bars and Wine Shops.

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