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Brass beads are commonly used in jewelry to get that high-end gold look without the extravagant price tag. A favorite among jewelry-makers is gun-metal brass, which has a rich and deep metallic gray color. Brass beads come in large variety of shapes, including: spacers, tubes, nuggets, round, briolette, roundelle, bicone, rounded cubes, balloon round, hollow jingle-bell shaped, corrugated round, curved tube “noodle”, delicate filigree round, diamond-cut round or oval, fluted round, floral filigree, and hundreds more. Use brass beads in conjunction with cloisonné, Murano or Pandora-style beads, crystal or glass beads, or painted clay beads for stunning pieces of jewelry like necklaces, chokers, bracelets, broaches, pins, earrings and rings.

 Antique brass beads from beadsbarn are ideal for making vintage-style jewelry; for example, use 3mm round antique brass beads with 20guage memory wire and antique filigree charms to create a stunning charm bracelet (secure the ends with loops or use a lobster claw clasp instead). Pair brass beads with large turquoise beads on a longer length of jeweler’s wire for a statement necklace (again, use a claw clasp for securing the ends and for easy fastening). You can also make stunning drop earrings by using large filigree brass beads with a single drop crystal charm on a French hook to match any outfit, day or night. You can also use brass beads for crafts, home décor, scrapbooking and sewing/beadworking. For crafts and home décor projects, use them for making tassels, candle rings, curtain tie backs, decorative wreaths and topiaries, handmade papers like invitations and even scrapbooking pages.

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